What is the framework for military medals?

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Order of precedence

US WWI 5 Place Miniature Medal Bar, Silver Star, PH, Croix de Guerre

1. Each service has its own priority, but the following general rules apply to all services:
US military personal ornaments-(personal, not personal). This is a medal that a person can obtain for his own personal actions. Usually the most courageous in the face of danger, followed by your outstanding performance at work (whether fighting or not), and other types of achievements, such as the Medal of Conduct and the Purple Heart (Yes, getting a shot is an achievement An achievement in the US military).
2. US Military Unit Awards-These are the medals that your entire unit will receive for real work that some people cannot do alone. Usually, this is because it is a unit that maintains the valley for several weeks under special conditions, completes construction projects as early as possible, or participates in humanitarian service missions with limited budgets.
3. US non-military personal decorations (granted in order of receipt; if from the same agency, the applicable agency priority list should be consulted)-I think that medals like the "Volunteer Medal" fall into this category, which means that you have Do something awesome people outside the army can help you serve the community.
4. American Non-Military Unit Award-These examples cannot be fully assured. I believe they will be in line with what happened when the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps appeared after major disasters such as the 2005 Indian Ocean tsunami.
5. US Military Campaign Awards-These awards indicate which "wars" or major operations you have participated in.
6. US Military Services and Training Awards-The Defense Services Medal falls into this category and it shows that you are in the military at a specific time in the war (Training Awards? Doesn't sound like the Marines.)
7. U.S. Merchant Marine Award and Non-Military Award
8. Personal Decorations of Foreign Military Personnel-Sometimes a military person will participate in an operation while negotiating with an ally. If they receive personal medals for this, they will be ranked after the US Medal.
9. Foreign military unit awards-only the same as foreign governments.
10. Non-US Service Awards (eg, United Nations, NATO, etc.)
11. Foreign Military Service Award
12. Marksmanship Awards (Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard)
13. National Guard National Award (Army and Air Force)