How Air Force Medals are Worn and Displayed

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Update time : 2020-01-13 11:19:06

Wear of Air Force Service Ribbons 

Ribbons might be put on on service outfit and light blue t-shirt. Ribbons are normally put on in lines of 3 with the base club centered and relaxing at the top side of the wallet. Ribbons might be worn four-in-a-row with the kept side of the ribbons aligned with all the left side of the pocket to help keep the lapel from masking ribbons. There is no space between lines of ribbons. Current regulations stipulate that members may pick which ribbons to wear, if any.

  Wear of Full Size Air flow Pressure Medals

Normally put on a few to a row, but may be overlapped as much as five medals on a 2-3/4 in . holding bar. No medal should be overlapped more than 50% and the complete size medal nearest the lapel ought to be fully subjected. Six medals should be shown in 2 rows, a few over a few. Typical dimension medals are worn around the services gown and ceremonial gown uniforms with the medal part of the bottom row immediately above the top of the wallet button. Wear of Air flow Pressure Mini Medals

Wear of Air Force Mini Medals

Miniature medals are worn on the blue mess dress or on formal dress. The miniatures are focused between lapel and arm seam and midway between best shoulder joint seam and best option of coat. If greater than four miniatures, the wearer has a choice of installation up to seven by overlapping or going to a second nightclub. Seven is the highest on one nightclub, nonetheless, many in the Air Force like only a highest of four to a bar.

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