Field marshal (Sri Lanka)

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Field Marshal (FM) is a five-star General officer rank and the highest attainable rank in the Sri Lanka ArmyField Marshal is ranked immediately above General and is largely a ceremonial rank, having been awarded only once, to Sarath Fonseka. It is equivalent to Admiral of the Fleet and Marshal of the Air Force.[1]


A Field Marshal remains a serving officer on the active list of the Sri Lankan Army for life. It is an honorary position with no command or administrative appointments, and the officer is not subject to the Army Act. Therefore, a Field Marshal is permitted to engage in political activities and take up political appointments. In the order of precedence, the rank holder is equivalent to a cabinet minister. He can wear a full uniform on all ceremonial occasions. An officer of this rank is entitled to an office and staff, as well as all privileges entitled to a serving General for life. This includes pay, an official residence, transport and a security detail. Furthermore, such an officer is entitled to receive a guard of honor composed of four officers and 150 other ranks and a military funeral on his death with a 21-gun salute. The widow of such an officer is entitled to the pay, allowances and residence given to her husband for life.[2][3]

Insignia of rank

A Field Marshal's insignia consists of the National emblem over a crossed batons in a lotus blossom wreath. On appointment, Field marshals are awarded a Gold-tipped baton (which they may carry on formal occasions) and a personal flag.[4][5]


A Field Marshal's uniform is unique in that it follows the Sri Lanka Army dress regulations, but is not subject to them.[6] A notable difference is the use of five-star red gorget patches.[7]

List of Field Marshals

Sarath Fonseka was the first and, to date, only Sri Lankan Army officer to be promoted to the rank. He was promoted on 22 March 2015.

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