Coronavirus continues to spread, South Sudan officially asks South Korea not to send new colony peacekeepers

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Update time : 2020-03-17 09:52:37

It is reported that the 12th batch of peacekeeping troops consisting of about 300 South Korean soldiers was originally scheduled to go to this African country earlier this week to replace the last batch of troops currently deployed there. But for concerns about the coronavirus, the South Korean Ministry of Defense decided to postpone rotation deployment.

In order to better support the South Korean government's efforts to combat the coronavirus, the South Korean Ministry of Defense has established a new working group of 40 officials to collect the needs of South Korea's central and local governments and effectively allocate available military resources. Earlier, the South Korean military has mobilized about 2,200 active-duty officers and soldiers, including more than 440 medical personnel, to carry out medical, quarantine and other anti-epidemic measures at major checkpoints and facilities in South Korea.

While taking all measures to respond to the epidemic, the South Korean military also requires that each unit must conduct training and exercises in accordance with conditions and plans in order to maintain strong combat capabilities. At present, the South Korean army has confirmed a total of 38 cases of coronavirus, of which 33 are active duty soldiers, spreading across the South Korean Air Force.